Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PETN! Underwear Bomber Explosives Rock Coastal NC

Someone punctured a shipment of Panty Bomber explosives at our local port today.

Until a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of PETN. Now it's everywhere. Even spilled a couple of miles from my house this morning.

The good news (a) no one really got hurt, and (b) I got a robo-call announcing the hazardous waste spill shortly after the accident that alerted me to avoid the area and which told me roads were anticipated to be closed for the day.

Turns out a forklift driver punctured the PETN container while off-loading. Could have happened to anyone.

This is the first real time example I ever saw of a potential disaster response from our local government. I think the system came about from dollars from either the Katrina fiasco or the War on Terror (I live near a major supplier of our warrior heros).

If ever they call to say a dirty bomb was released in our area, the duct tape and plastic sheeting they told us to buy might not do us any good, but I have to say I was impressed by the quick response from the little old Carteret County, NC government today.

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