Sunday, January 3, 2010

Somali Ass-lym Policy

I read in today's paper how a Somali man, with possible ties to al-Qaeda, broke into the home of the Danish cartoonist who drew Muhammad with a bomb exploding out of his turban. The jihadist was armed with an ax and knife, and was fortunately shot by police before he had the opportunity to use them.

Three pages later, I read about a large influx of Somalis trying to circumvent traditional immigration channels by traveling to Mexico and taking a cab to the US border agents in San Diego, and then asking for political asylum.

According to Mark Hetfield, senior VP for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, "The US has closed most of the doors for Somalis to come in through the refugee program, so they've found alternative ways to get in. This is their new route." Somalis made up the largest percentage of people asking for asylum in the US for 2009.

The article's subject claimed Islamic militants threatened him. However, he could offer no one to corroborate his testimony, not even via email to friends and family in Somalia.

The terrorist group, al-Shabab, linked with al-Qaeda, and other militant groups now control most of Somalia outside of Mogasishu.

So despite the fact that we know nothing about this man, and he comes from a country where many people want to destroy the US, the judge ruled, with only the man's testimony, that he could move to the US.

I feel for people who are suffering just like everyone else, but for Pete's sake, could the government PLEASE use some common sense? Gee, do ya think the bad guys might lie to the nice judge?

I smell a Detroit airplane incident brewing. And then Mr. O will order a full investigation in the tragic breakdown in our Homeland Security system. Again.

Update on 1-4-10: On yesterday's CNN's "State of the Union", Obama's lead counterterrorism advisor John Brennan said there was no smoking gun that would indicate that we should have prevented Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to board a plane destined to the US. If they couldn't see a smoking gun, I'd like to know what they were smoking.

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