Friday, January 8, 2010

The Real "Man-Made Disaster": Napolitano and Brennan via Obama

What kind of experience do you want as your head of Homeland Security during our War on Terror? Oh, excuse me, I forgot it's now "Overseas Contigency Operation".

Janet Napolitano does have government experience as former gov of AZ and previous Attorney General. But don't you think someone with a background in Intelligence might be better suited? Yes, she was involved in the OK bombing incident--after the fact-- but most of her work involved consumer protection and overall law enforcement. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about her capabilities.

I doubt the fact that she endorsed Obama early 2008, and was then named to his transition team had anything to do with the appointment, you know, as the person in charge of keeping America safe from terrorists?

Napolitano avoids using the word terrorism, preferring to call them "man-made disasters". Kinda like Obama never utters "Islamic radicals" or "extremists", or re-naming the war the "Overseas Contingency Operations". Maybe if we don't call them scary names, they will all go away?

Alongside Napolitano, we have John Brennan, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. Brennan has considerable intelligence experience, and was once considered for the head of the CIA. Of course, he too was on the Obama transition team.

In yesterday's mea culpa about the Panty Bomber on Christmas Day, he admits that he needs to do better. You mean he didn't bring his "A" game to the task already?

Detroit Customs, during it's pre-arrival checklist, found the terrorist on a watch list and was prepared to do heavier screening when the plane landed. Too bad it never crossed their mind to notify the pilot that a potential terrorist was on the plane so that they could keep a better eye on him. It is Brennan's job to oversee plans to protect the US from terrorism.

So despite Brennan's experience, and closing in on a decade since 9-11, while under his watch, he didn't notice that the agencies weren't communicating effectively amongst themselves?

So instead of both parties losing their jobs for the "systemic failure" as would have happened in the real world outside of the Washington, they will no doubt be able to do a better job "if only they have more money and more power". Definitely. Let's reward the incompetent.

Seems to me that the only "man-made disaster" in this close call was Obama's appointments of these two.

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