Saturday, September 19, 2009

Health Care Reform: What's the hurry and why all at once?

I have two questions about the Health Care reform debate: why the rush and why does it have to be in one massive bill?

There have been numerous breakdowns of the reported 47 million uninsured, most narrow down the actual number of American citizens needing help at about 12 million. Why can't we simply help these folks now so we can take our time to get health care reform right? If 80% of us are happy with our insurance, why do we have to upend the entire system?

Why can't we tackle reform one piece at a time so that everyone has a chance to read and understand what is being proposed instead of these massive 1000+ page bills?

Tort reform is an obvious place to start. Is the fact that so many trial lawyers supported candidate Obama make him hesitant to add tort reform in the reform bill? Is the fact that most legislators are lawyers another obstacle?

Reducing administration costs by having a single form that all insurance companies use would also save countless dollars. This is an easy no-brainer. Why can't this be done immediately while the harder issues are worked out?

I just get the sinking feeling that the health care reform bill is going to be another hack job to help special interests at the expense of the taxpayer. Only this time, it may make America too sick to resuscitate.

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