Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yes We Can

Where did I hear that slogan before? Oh, right: last year's election. But you know what? He was right, "Yes We Can".

I am a quiet little property manager in Eastern NC. I have zero political clout. I have no friends in high places. All I've got going for me is that I believe in the republic that is America. I believe that most of us believe in the American Dream and the tenets our forefathers espoused. I have also come to believe in the power of the internet to level the playing field for those of us without clout.

Two days ago I had the crazy idea of starting a petition to hold our politicians accountable. I sent an email to that effect to my email contacts. They sent it to their email contacts, and now my inbox is flooded with emails from complete strangers who also believe in what I hold dear... fellow Americans who believe that we need to yank the chain of our federal goverment (and our state governments, too, but that's another petition!).

In just two days, over 20% of the states have had at least one patriot sign the petition. Individually we may have no clout. But together we can form our own special interest group -- one that is looking our for the well-being of the average taxpaying American who is deeply concerned about politicians who seem to care only about themselves and doing right by the special interest groups that fund their re-elections.

So individually we may not be able to get through to them, but I have no doubt that together, Yes We Can.

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