Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hold Them Accountable

Yesterday while working, I was thinking about how our Senators and Congressmen these days seem to hold themselves up on an elevated level above other Americans.

They routinely vote themselves nice perks and pensions, and now as they debate the most important bill in our lifetime, the Health Care Reform Bill, most have decided that they will not vote to forgo the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program that so richly covers them and their families and instead join the plan they deem good enough for us taxpayers. THIS IS WRONG! They should live under the same standards that they hold us accountable to and live under any mandates that they dictate for us.

I propose that Americans petition our Senators and Congressmen to add a 28th Amendment to our Constitution that reads:

"Senators and Congressmen must include themselves in any mandate required of American citizens."

Those of you that agree, I encourage you to sign a petition I've started stating:

I want my federal representatives to pass a Constitutional Amendment that ensures that Senators and Congressmen must include themselves in any mandate required of American citizens. I commit that I will not vote to elect or re-elect any member who refuses to support such an amendment.

Here's the link to the webpage I set up. Sign it and send the link to all of your email contacts and ask them to consider signing it. Let's use the power of the internet to raise our collective voices to corral our politicians and make them accountable to us.

When I was in college, my professor said that the "Sleeping Giant" was China. He was wrong. It is the American People and we are starting to wake up.

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